Global Satellite Overview

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Satellite Phone Rental enables the international traveler to stay connected in the most remote regions of the world. During emergency or disaster recovery situations, satellite phones also prove to be the most reliable method of communication, making them an ideal crisis management communication solution. Rental includes voicemail, free incoming calls and a complete accessory pack.


How it Works

  • Place your order online or by calling 800 711 8300.
  • A $500 authorization (not a deposit) will be taken against your credit card and a rental kit is shipped to you.
  • All incoming calls are free and outgoing calls are charged at a flat rate per minute.
  • Upon your return home, follow the simple instructions and return your rental kit using the pre-paid UPS return label supplied.

Features & Benefits

  • Each handset comes with a complete rental pack: charger, adapters, battery pack and holster.
  • Voicemail service available anywhere in the world.
  • Global coverage

Toll-free customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Contact Global Satellite

To place an order

Calling from the US: (800) 711 8300

Global Satellite Technical Support

+ 1 214 355 5285

Global Satellite billing inquiries

Calling from the US: (866) 708 2847

Calling from outside the US: +1 214 355 5200


Other Available Services

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